October 26th, 2011

sam stretching

The witch who saved the day

OMG!! How awesome was "Shut up, Dr. Phil"?!

I waited so hard for this episode because I knew  James Marsters and Charisma Capenter would be in it.
Buffy was my first obsession. And Spike was always my favorite character. I adore James Marsters! He is amazing and his voice makes me shiver. Such a wonderful singer and a gorgeous actor. So I expected a good episode. And for me it was far more than good!

The 2 witches are such hilarious characters. I loved them from the first second. I would be thrilled if we could see them again this season.
I don't know what the fandom says about the episode, 'cause I wasn't around the last days. But for me it is my favorite episode so far.

Of course I celebrate this with some icons. Sorry for my huge delay.


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