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Hello my dear friends!

It's such a long time I felt inspired by an episode of my favourite shows. But now it happend. And not only one but 2 of my beloved shows made my fingertips tingle: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and THE ORIGINALS.

First of all lets talk about The Originals, shell we? OMG how I ship Elijah and Hayley. They would be such a perfect couple. And the last episode made my hope grow. As soon as he was captured by his psychic Mum I hoped for Hayley to come and save him. But at the end of the episode I knew from the first second I saw Hayley come into the room alone, that it was just a cruel dream. Klaus wouldn't let her go alone to save Elijah. Somehow it reminded me about Buffy season 10, when Spike dreamed about her saving him from the first vampire. Sigh, good old times...

And something for your sidebar:

And what should I say about The Vampire Diaries? 2 very good episodes in a row! THIS HUG!!! How long have I waited for the two brothers to hug? It made my heard melt!!! And then the last episode, when he finally saw Elena again. And then... nothing. The episode was over. How dare they!!! Don't they know that this is killing me??? *sigh*

Of course there is also a little something for the sidebar:

And now a few colorful icons

How do you like this shows so far? I would love to read about it in the comments!
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