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Supernatural is back!!! *Squeeeeeeeeee*

I really enjoyed the season opener. I'm glad that Cas isn't god anymore. I was really worried that this will be the storyline for the whole season. I still miss the trust and the brotherly love between the boys. But it started way better than last season and so I'm looking forward to see the next episode.

Of course I don't come without a small present. Especially because I wasn't here for ages and I feel horrible not to be able to promise that this will change now. :o(

However... this is for you:


001 002 003

004 005 006

007 008 009

010 011 012

And I watched the first 2 episodes of the new show "The secret circle". I got into it very fast and I will go on watching for sure. I hope Andi will join me with this. But as far as I can say it seemed she enjoyed it too.

001 002 003

And last but not least I made a few autumn icons and posted it @ marys_angel

001 002 003

You can find the whole bunch HERE

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