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This Lj is partly friends only!

All my Supernatural arts are unlocked!

My older stuff (pre Supernatural) will still be f-locked, cause there are so many posts and I'm too lazy to unlock all of them.
If you wanna read something about my boring life, or you wanna peek at my older arts just leave a comment.

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One of the most amazing actors has left the stage of life
Peter O' Toole
R.I.P. Peter O' Toole

You were a great spirit. I enjoyed your acting so much. I loved your funny movies as much as your dramatic ones.

"Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings" - I'm sure the next pair is for you!

Hemlock Peter

Hemlock Grove

I know, I know... I only come back when another show hits me. Guilty -  I can't deny it. But this one really wasn't on my list. Usually I don't even like shows like this. Too scary... too ugly... too dark. But somehow - and I really don't know HOW or WHY - HEMLOCK GROVE totally got me!

Has anybody seen it? I'm totally into Peter - which is quite obvious when you look at my icons. *gg*

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jared snow

Welcome 2012

I know I'm very late, but: HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my friends!
I spent the whole Holidays with my family and it was really great. Then I got sick (tonsillitis) and I still am. But I feel much better and I wanna thank all my lovely friends who wrote me such wonderful Christmas cards. I love every single one! Thank you so much!!

Thanks a lot to my Secret Santa for my gorgeous gifts! And thanks so much to tinkabell007 for telling her how much I appreciated her package! *hugs*

I'm sure a lot of people know Jareds movie "Christmas Cottage". I'm so in love with this movie. First of all: Jared looks just super hot and super sweet in it. Second: he plays a painter. And not just any painter. It's the story of Thomas Kinkade - the Painter of light. I love his paintings! And last but not least: Peter O'Toole!
So I made a few icons and maybe some of you will enjoy them.

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sam stretching

The witch who saved the day

OMG!! How awesome was "Shut up, Dr. Phil"?!

I waited so hard for this episode because I knew  James Marsters and Charisma Capenter would be in it.
Buffy was my first obsession. And Spike was always my favorite character. I adore James Marsters! He is amazing and his voice makes me shiver. Such a wonderful singer and a gorgeous actor. So I expected a good episode. And for me it was far more than good!

The 2 witches are such hilarious characters. I loved them from the first second. I would be thrilled if we could see them again this season.
I don't know what the fandom says about the episode, 'cause I wasn't around the last days. But for me it is my favorite episode so far.

Of course I celebrate this with some icons. Sorry for my huge delay.


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spn season 9

Me is happy

Supernatural is back!!! *Squeeeeeeeeee*

I really enjoyed the season opener. I'm glad that Cas isn't god anymore. I was really worried that this will be the storyline for the whole season. I still miss the trust and the brotherly love between the boys. But it started way better than last season and so I'm looking forward to see the next episode.

Of course I don't come without a small present. Especially because I wasn't here for ages and I feel horrible not to be able to promise that this will change now. :o(

However... this is for you:


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